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Providing outstanding service, safety and justice to Cayuga Nation citizens

Our Mission

Agency Mission

The mission of the Cayuga Nation Police Department is to provide outstanding service to the people of the Cayuga Nation through partnerships that build trust, prevent crime, and enhance the quality of life for everyone. This agency is dedicated to performing at the highest standards of excellence; subscribing to the principles of integrity, respect, and impartiality, with fairness to all.


Core Values

INTEGRITY: Faithful dedication to the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct that preserve and enhance the public trust in law enforcement.
RESPECT: Respect for all persons, the sovereignty of the Cayuga Nation and the unique community we serve.
FAIRNESS: Fair and impartial execution of duties free of favoritism or discrimination, in consonance with the laws of the Cayuga Nation and the Constitution of the United States.
ACCOUNTABILITY: Accepting responsibility for one’s actions or inaction and committing to continual improvement in pursuit of excellence.
COMPASSION: Genuine concern for the well-being of others, taking into account their personal circumstances and individual needs.
EXCELLENCE: Relentless pursuit of excellence in the performance of law enforcement duties, demanding the accountability required to innovate and implement best practices.


Leadership Vision

As a law enforcement agency we will dedicate ourselves to the effective, efficient and impartial enforcement of the laws of the Cayuga Nation. We will do all that we can to ensure that our agency is a place where highly qualified employees are proud to work. We will lead development of best practices that ensure a safe and secure community for the Cayuga People and their visitors.  With the continuing support of the Cayuga Nation, we will utilize state of the art equipment,  technology, and facilities in accomplishing our law enforcement mission. At all times, and at all levels of leadership, we will work together to develop an ethical environment of respect and trust, where employees are trained and equipped to meet the public safety needs of the Cayuga Nation. This is best accomplished through a team approach, in partnership with other public safety agencies and the community we serve.

Mark Lincoln - Superintendent of Police
Michael DuBois - Deputy Superintendent of Police