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Description: The Gaming Surveillance Officer is a civilian employee who performs surveillance functions for the Cayuga Nation. Using audio and video equipment in an observation room, Gaming Surveillance Officers watch casino operations for suspicious activities such as cheating and theft, and monitor compliance with rules, regulations, and laws. They maintain and organize recordings from security cameras, which are sometimes used as evidence in police investigations. Gaming Surveillance Officers work closely with Nation Police Officers to prevent crime and protect employees and the public.


These duties are a representative sample; position assignments may vary.

  1. Conducts facility-wide surveillance camera operations to assist in the protection of Nation property and the safety of employees and guests.

2.    Monitors all areas of the property, including but not limited to, gaming and cage areas; food and beverage areas; building exteriors areas, roadway entrances and exits and parking lots.

3.    Produces written reports and/or logs for observed violations or illegal activity.

4.    Immediately reports unsafe conditions to police officers for response.

5.    Ensures that cameras and associated computer servers are always operational.

6.    Through active surveillance, ensures that all applicable gaming regulations and policies are followed.

7.    Complies with confidentiality regulations regarding all surveillance information including camera coverage, investigations, and proprietary material.

  1. Perform other duties of a similar nature or level as required.


Advanced manipulation and presentation of audio-visual data.

Training and Experience (typically required):
A combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job as listed above. Previous work experience in a security or video surveillance setting is preferred.  High school diploma is required.

Licensing or Certification Requirements may include:

  • Current state-issued Driver’s License
  • Must be a U. S. citizen
  • Ability to qualify for licensing

Knowledge Requirements (at entry):
Knowledge of:

  • Proficiency using computers to capture and preserve images and video
  • Proficiency using Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, OneDrive)
  • Proficiency using Google Workspace products (Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Meets, Maps, Slides)
  • Applicable laws, rules and gaming regulations

Required Skills (at entry):
Skill in:

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to understand and follow verbal and written instructions
  • Ability to write legibly and express thoughts on paper in a clear manner
  • Ability to prioritize tasks, handle multiple tasks simultaneously, organize and complete assignments
  • Customer service
  • Safeguarding sensitive or confidential information
  • Communications and interpersonal abilities as applied to interaction with coworkers and supervisors that is sufficient to exchange or convey information and to receive work direction.

Physical Requirements:

Minimal physical demands are required to perform most work.  The work principally involves Gaming Surveillance Officers sitting behind a desk in a dark area observing customers on video surveillance equipment. Duties are largely mental rather than physical but require attention to detail and intense concentration. The work may occasionally require minimal motor skills for activities such as moving objects, using office equipment, including but not limited to telephones, personal computers, handheld radios and other office equipment.

Incumbents may be subjected to low light conditions, irregular work hours or workspace restrictions. Minimal or no travel is required.



NOTE: The above job title and description is intended to represent only key areas of responsibility; specific position assignments will vary depending on department needs.