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Frequently Asked Questions

For additional questions, please contact cayuganationpolice@gocayuga.com or visit the Cayuga Nation website at cayuganation-nsn.gov

Like other sovereign Native American nations, the Cayuga Nation has full authority to enforce its own laws against Native Americans within the boundaries of its reservation. In 2018, the Cayuga Nation established a professional police force whose authority was recognized and reaffirmed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs in 2019. On reservation lands, the Cayuga Nation Police are the principal entity charged with law enforcement and interacts with other law enforcement agencies on a government-to-government basis. Native Americans charged with crimes under the Nation’s penal law are prosecuted in the Cayuga Nation Tribal Court.

In United States v. Cooley (2021) the U.S. Supreme Court reaffirmed the authority of Indian Nation law enforcement agencies to investigate and detain non-natives based on reasonable suspicion of a violation of state or federal criminal laws. Under this standard, the Cayuga Nation Police may lawfully search or detain non-natives on reservation lands and turn them over to the custody of state or local law enforcement authorities for investigation and prosecution.

Aside from the actual laws enforced, and their specialized jurisdiction, Cayuga Nation Police Officers are no different from any other police officers. In fact, every officer has completed a law enforcement training academy and has previously served their community honorably as a police officer.  Some continue to do so, working in multiple jurisdictions.

Online rants about the legitimacy of the Nation’s police force have been made by a small group of criminal dissidents and their supporters who deliberately choose to ignore facts and intentionally mislead the public. These rants are repeated and amplified via social media by those who wish to see the Nation fail.  Cayuga Nation Police Officers possess experience and advanced skills that are highly regarded in the current employment market. Every day Cayuga Nation Police Officers conduct investigations, collect evidence and share intelligence information with their peers in other agencies. Their work is conducted in a fair and impartial manner, to the same standards expected from any other police department.

For employment inquiries, please contact cayuganationpolice@gocayuga.com and someone will get back to you shortly.

For all media inquiries related to the Cayuga Nation or the Cayuga Nation Police Department, please contact Lauren Maltese at lauren.maltese@gocayuga.com